Sunday, December 7, 2014


I recently read a book "Proof of Heaven" by Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who had a firsthand experience of the "afterlife" or spiritual realm and knew it was his mission to tell others about it due to his extensive credentials that would give his story credibility.

One of the major things he reiterated throughout his book was that he was told, "You are loved unconditionally. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing you can do that is wrong."(see page 71 of the book). That each of us is deeply cared for by our source Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend. That we are free, but we are free beings hemmed all around by an environment conspiring to make us feel that we are not free.

Lately I keep telling and reminding myself that no matter how overwhelming circumstances may appear to be, and how confusing possible choices and outcomes may appear, and how scary some possibilities may seem, that I need to focus on living one day at a time. Living as fully as I can in the present moment. That life is a school, and each day is a class.

For the many people out there who follow Christianity-based belief systems, even the Bible has quotes like, "Worry not for tomorrow for today has enough problems of its own." and "Boast not of tomorrow for thou knowest not what the day may bring forth."

The fact that this book written by a doctor that I've never met happens to spell out the same things that God himself told me during my own personal Astral Travel experience, reading it left me in shock and made me tear up. It made it all the more real for me and my experience. It gave more validity to the mystical spiritual experience I had.

Following my calling to do the Angel Project, has forced me to live and walk in more faith and mystery than I've ever known. Having the courage to walk through the doors that a day opens for me, or opportunities that are handed to me, has been very liberating and has added so much to my life. These are a few reasons why I make posters like "Make your courage greater than your fears" and trying to convey to people to live with more open minds, courage, and positivity. Gratitude for things you already have and hope that your dreams and things you want will come true lead to miracles of those things eventually coming true. Just keep working towards your dreams. Follow your heart. You hear these quotes all the time but do you actually listen and do them? When the time comes before you, do you have the courage to ACT?

Pay attention to signs, listen to and choose advice carefully, write down and pray for the things you want. Angels do exist and want to help, believe. Don't be afraid to pray and ask for help.

~Mandelyn Reese
The #LAStreetAngel
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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Epic Astral Travel Experience

I would like to share a story that is very special to me. I thought about keeping it private, but I think it would be good to share with others because to ME, it's proof that God is different from what many religions preach.

I have been inducted into the Modern Mystery School, aka The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light. It may sound weird, but it's been around since the time of King Solomon and Christ. Their classes are very spiritually deep, eye-opening, and sacred. They used to be a closed, secretive school until they decided to be more public with the coming of the New Age.  One of their classes I took was called "Astral Travel". It was a guided meditation to take you to a higher spiritual place, with the goal of getting to see the "Akashic Records". Before being introduced to the school, I had never heard of Akashic Records or Astral Travel stuff. I wasn't sure what to think of the class when I signed up, but I'm glad I took it. Once we got into the meditation, this is what I experienced:

I shot up into the Heavens and landed on top of a sea of white clouds. I spiritually called out if anyone was around to take me to the Akashic Records. Suddenly, an ethereal blurry large blue hand appeared beside me, took me by the hand, and started to lead me along. The next thing I saw, was what looked like a sunrise over a sprawling maze of records as far as the eye could see! It was like a library of sorts, but I couldn't see all the detail, just rows and swirls of records all basked in golden sunlight.

The next thing I remember, is that God himself appeared before me in a large human form. He had a LONG white beard that reached down past his torso, and was dressed like a knight, except his mesh metal suit spanned far behind him like a wedding dress train. The front of his outfit looked like soft red King's robes with fuzzy white trim, almost like Santa Claus's red outfit. I remember saying, "Dad?" He smiled at me, and told me that he took this form so that I could see him. He then sat down on a huge throne, and he picked me up and put me on his knee (like some fathers do with their children). He began to stroke the top of my head lovingly, and he said to me, "You are loved unconditionally here. You have nothing to fear."

--That is all I remember--
The only thing I remember after that was being led out of the meditation and back to reality in the classroom. I had tears streaming down my face and a sense of immense relief that I was loved unconditionally. It's a sense of peace that is hard to find in this world.

 (This photo was the best example I could find of what I saw him wearing in terms of his knight headwear and mesh metal train behind him, but without a sword)

It was a really beautiful and amazing experience to have, and I'm so happy that I had it.

So, whenever you feel really down on yourself and unworthy for whatever "mistakes" you have done in life, remember, you are loved and accepted unconditionally on the higher planes. In the soul journey, mistakes are just lessons that you {hopefully} learn from.

~Mandelyn Reese

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Debating Truth, Trust, & Lying

The concepts of truth and trust have really confounded me during this lifetime. Often I find myself debating back and forth in my head certain quotes, trying to determine if the quotes themselves are really a "truth".

Take for instance, "The truth will set you free." The way that this government system is set up, it's more like an evil organized mafia. The government officials main agenda is milking people that get tangled up in their system for MONEY. All those court fees, attorney costs, bail bonds, probation charges... Yes the system does help put away some bad people, but the bulk of the system seems focused entirely on who is taking money from who, and the more they can get the better. So getting back to the debate about the quote I mentioned: Telling the truth in court is so terrifying for most people, because the truth would actually land them in jail, and who wants that? Nobody wants to be stripped of their freedom and money. Hardly anyone actually wants to be stuffed in a tiny cement room with bars for the door and windows. Not to mention the whole prison system and people who reside inside it are a scary bunch. You've heard the stories: butt-raping, gangs, and shanking galore. The laws are set up in such a way to screw most people over. I think I mentioned before you can almost not even sneeze anymore without breaking some dumb law somewhere. The court and jail system seem set up to humiliate and terrify people into conforming to their will, controlling and subduing whoever falls into it's clutches.

My whole life I have struggled with being able to trust others. I was constantly stolen from, lied to, betrayed, and abused by my own family since I was a child. If I can't trust my own flesh and blood, how can I trust others? So many times I would "let my guard down", or let someone get close to me, and then have them betray me in some way. After one devastation after another, I finally just decided not to trust anyone, except God and the Angels. A force and beings that I can't even see (unless they choose to reveal themselves to me, which they have twice).

Recently a friend told me about a situation where it seemed whether or not she told the truth about something, either way she was screwed. The person who wanted the truth from her couldn't handle the truth and felt hurt by it, even though they demanded the truth, but lying could potentially be discovered later in the future and be just as awful; and that notion stirs up fear of the reaction.

So basically, in some cases, telling the truth sometimes hurts the person's feelings who's hearing a difficult truth, which in turn also hurts the truth-teller individual, because that person feels bad that their truth hurt the feelings of someone they cared about, or telling the truth ended up having the truth-teller be subjected to the recipient's anger. And yet, if a person lies to someone they care about, it hurts the liar because holding in the truth knowing that they're lying bothers the individual self, and if the truth ever was discovered, more hurt would ensue for both individuals. Such a dilemma.

I actually decided one day to do a deep meditation about telling the truth versus lying. I felt so confused about it all. It seems to me that everyone lies, even though telling the truth is encouraged. I think people lie because they don't feel strong enough to tell the truth and they fear other people's reaction. Nobody wants to be judged for their flaws, their crazy life, or crazy family scenarios & family members.

I tuned in as deep as I could to my soul, the divine spirit, and my own subconscious to see if I could determine some sort of anything that resembled answers to my dilemma about truth vs lying. The results of my meditation were interesting:
~Telling the truth is encouraged. Lying is understood and forgiven.~ Life is a test and full of lessons. Seek the lesson in each experience.~
If you research a lot into the spiritual aspects of things, of course you'll find all different kinds of perspectives. I encourage you to not go with the perspectives that instill fear, like most religions preach in order to control their congregations and milk money out of them. Much of the deep spiritual concepts say that we're here on Earth to have a human experience and to learn, that God loves us unconditionally as his children, and we're forgiven of all of our "mistakes" and "sins".

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

Monday, July 21, 2014

Heartbreak and Hope

I was passing by my dresser and one of my angel books was buzzing at me. I grabbed it and opened it to see whatever it wanted to show me. It told me this:
     "We condition ourselves all the time. For instance, one lady showers at night because she'd notice she'd feel sleepy after her shower. Hence her memory stored the concept of "Shower means bedtime." The same thing happens when love knocks on our door. Love means that all those memories linked to love such as suffering, abandonment, rejection, and sadness, emerge and come to mind. Naturally, therefore we do not want love. We are afraid to get involved because these are the associations that are inscribed within us. At the same time however, we do want love, because without it we die. Love is vital. This is why the simultaneous dynamic of attraction and repulsion is activated."
 -The Book of Angels by Kaya Christiane Muller
Ironically, just moments before I read that passage, I had told someone on the phone that I was thinking about writing a blog about heartbreak...

      My thoughts: If your heart has been "broken" by previous romantic disasters, and you literally feel like your heart has been slashed up emotionally, how are you supposed to let it go? The more it happened to me, the more armor I metaphysically built up around myself for protection. Emotional protection or something. I found myself asking, "How can I give my heart fully to someone who keeps asking for it, if it's in pieces and doesn't feel available to give in full?" How can you "let it go" when you're plagued by memories that have emotional triggers associated with pain. My chest physically aches when a man breaks my heart. My entire body goes into "disrepair". Emotional and mental healing takes time to heal, just like physical wounds. Physical wounds sometimes leave scars, sometimes forever on a person's body. You may not be able to SEE a person's emotional and mental scars from past hurts, unless they choose to show them or something trigger's those scars in your presence. Repeated hurt, regardless of its forms, conditions a certain response in us. How it manifests can be as unique as each individual.
I picked up another book laying on my floor that also had something to say. I opened to the page starting the chapter on "Hope" and read, "Certain stages of evolution of the soul contained despair and gloom...and after repeated calamities that could have been fatal, the soul surprisingly survived these crisis. Thus, hope originated as an inherent capacity of the human soul." - Rays of the Dawn, by Dr. Thurman Fleet

I supposed if a person loses hope and/or the will to live, they may perish, even possibly by their own suicide. Many of us have a known or possibly subconscious hope for something, especially love. I remember a quote from a movie: "It is yearning that keeps us alive." That deep desire for the things we want to happen or come true. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. The reasons for whether or not they happen is only known by the higher power, or divine, fate...whatever you want to call it. We cannot comprehend ALL that IS. Not all brains are the same, obviously. On one hand you have people who are locked up in a mental institution or suffering from dementia, and on the other hand you have "brainiacs" that are so smart you can't even understand half of what they say because it's on another level of intelligence. You know, someone like Einstein or Tesla. Some people are just born with different gifts, and the beauty they add to the whole during their lifetime can change the world. :)

So tonight the themes of love, heartbreak, and hope are paramount. It's a time for healing, somehow. I was wondering why we go through some really awful mucky times; times where I wish I had more control over my emotions. And the answer from spirit was, "It makes you appreciate the happy and good times that much more." Feeling in love is exciting and a rush of amazing emotions. And yet on the flip side, many of us experience love laced with the undercurrent of fear that you'll lose the love, lose the person, lose the relationship, that they will hurt/lie/cheat on you, or you'll end up heartbroken and alone. What a conundrum. To desire true love and simultaneously feel terrified to love that much. The undercurrent of fear is probably what is largely responsible for many relationships breaking up, almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Mandelyn Reese

Friday, July 11, 2014

Deep thoughts

Paint your own picture
Be what you want to be
Do what you want to do
It's only you that allows others to hold you back and sometimes make choices for you

Everything is temporary, everything changes
Change is inevitable
You have to die to be reborn
Death is a part of life
Death gets people's attention

There are angels, I've seen them
There are ghosts, they've done things around me to have their presence known
It must be interesting to live on another frequency or dimension
Everything is energy

Time is infinite
Space is infinite
Numbers are infinite
Possibilities are infinite
Creating and creation are infinite and always evolving
There are infinite choices you can make and infinite directions you can choose to go at any given moment
This moment, the present, is special, because you never know what moment could be your last
Everything can be more beautiful if you look at life this way

You can choose your emotion in each moment
Try to monitor your thoughts, they are shaping your experience
An interesting analogy I used recently to describe to someone the way I am now based on my past experiences have molded and changed me are like when you carve and polish a stone or sculpture. Once you shape or chip away at the stone, it's possibly never going to be the same again. The original stone was morphed and changed into something else.
Don't put energy into worry and fears.
Put energy into loving others, giving affection, caressing, hugging, giving, showing patience, self-control, resisting anger.

Tango-ing with the ego is a part of this life. The ego is there, it just is.
What is the ego. The part of someone who feels separate, individual, wants to feel special (is special), has an identity, a name, and a face.

Pain is a part of the journey. Pain can be a way you meet someone significant, like a romantic partner, a friend, a mentor, a healer, opportunity provider, or door-opener.

If something gives you pain and discomfort, don't do it, avoid it, or if you choose it willingly= accept the consequences whatever they may be.
Even pleasures can have painful results.

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The cup of coffee

A few days ago, I walked into the Egg & I breakfast restaurant wearing my wings, and went straight through to the back where I could tell was a conference room. There were 2 business ladies in there, and it appeared they were packing up to leave. I was just arriving for what I thought was a SendOutCards meeting that I'd been invited to.

Turns out, I had looked at my planner wrong, and showed up a day early!! The ladies said they were about to have a meeting there, but not for SendOutCards, but their other attendees had decided to go elsewhere for their meeting so they were headed out.

I had driven across town for this meeting that I thought was that morning, so I figured that I would sit down and at least enjoy a cup of coffee while I figured out what to do next.

My waitress took my coffee order, and I couldn't help but notice how sad she appeared to be and act. I asked her if she was supposed to have been the waitress taking care of the big meeting in the conference room, and she said yes, but they'd cancelled using the room. I asked her if she was working the next day for the SendOutCards meeting, but she said no. I thought that maybe a reason she seemed down was because she'd basically lost out on that money in tips she was hoping to earn from the large group meeting.

My heart went out to her. I was sitting there thinking about how God had really been blessing me recently, despite my own personal hardships and struggles going on. Something told me to leave her a $20 bill as a tip. All I'd ordered was coffee.

I paid my tab with a credit card, and hid the $20 bill behind my business card for her to find. I wrote a little message on the business card that God had blessed me lately, so I wanted to bless her.

When she returned to give me my receipt, her demeanor had completely changed. A once sullen, sad woman had become revived with gratitude and joy from the little surprise and was walking around with a smile. She thanked me.

It was the best cup of coffee purchase I'd ever made. :)

Have you ever heard that phrase that giving to others returns 10 fold? Well, today my friend showed up to visit me while I was packing boxes, and he surprised me by handing me $200 to donate towards my next trip to Los Angeles to continue my Angel messages there. I had a surprise blessing come to me out of the blue!

Go forth and look for ways to help others. Have gratitude for the things you have and more will come.

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

Friday, April 18, 2014

Alcohol, money, and survival

What has become of us?

People used to live in small communities, and work together for the benefit of the entire community. Much like an ant pile. Ants all work together to build their castle, protect their queen and eggs, raise their young, and gather food. Native American Indian tribes would all work together to be a functioning unit for survival. The men would go out and hunt and protect the tribe, the women would tend to the children and community.

Now-a-days, things have gotten so disconnected and divided among people, that even family units struggle to stay together. More and more often you see people having to fend entirely for themselves for survival; it's especially hard for single women with children. Hardly anyone really knows their neighbors. Most people actually seem to live in fear of each other thanks to the media driving fear-based belief systems into people.

Almost everyone I know is working INSANE hours at their jobs. Hardly anyone has a "9-5" job anymore. Jobs are demanding more and more from people. Lots of companies even make people PAY to have their jobs!!! (Examples: Waiters and Waitresses, strippers). I personally think it's so wrong that somehow these big corporations, and even many smaller companies, have found ways to actually charge their employees to work. I remember seeing a video from the Great Depression, where a rich man who owned a large company was taking advantage of his desperate workers. They'd work 12 hour days, and be charged to use the equipment to work, it was subtracted from their already meager pay! One night when I was a waitress back in 2010, I had to "tip-out" $76 from MY tips to pay the bussers and bartender. I was furious! Shouldn't these restaurants pay their employees, and not their employees pay other employees? It doesn't make sense.
What we allow will continue, and get worse. What YOU allow will continue.

And another thing, no one can depend on the integrity of their employers to keep them on long enough to collect retirement. I have been continuously hearing new stories from people and friends how they were mysteriously laid off once they got into their late 50s in age. So there is a severe disregard for the care of our elderly in today's culture. Social Security is going broke from fraud and overuse, so many of the baby-boomers face poverty upon retirement. One of my old friends (who has passed-away) was a war vet, and a hero, but somehow only was receiving $460/month to survive on before he died. Did you know that illegal aliens can run across the border, have babies here ("anchor babies"), claim they have a disability (something like ADHD), and be able to collect Social Security? Yep. I know because I've seen it happening when I worked for a nonprofit agency. And pretty much any parent these days can claim their kids have ADHD (aren't most kids naturally hyper anyway because they're kids and just want to play and get their parent's attention?!)

Families and relationships are suffering, if not nearly impossible to last with all of the pressures of career and money expectations placed on people by society and religious institutions. I don't know many people with lasting relationships anymore.

Alcohol and drug use have become a widespread problem, with many people indulging all day everyday. People don't even know what the hell is in alcohol. It's the one thing that's sold liberally everywhere and doesn't have to have ingredients posted on the label. And people wonder why they feel sick, bloated, throw-up, get "beer-bellies", high blood sugar, diabetes, and even die from alcohol poisoning. That's because it's poison! I remember reading some history book that said that the Indians were heavily conquered by the Europeans because of the introduction of alcohol (among other sordid tactics like giving the Indians blankets tainted with the disease polio). Alcohol is a problem that is effecting most people everywhere, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, or ability. Seems like you can barely go anywhere without alcohol being offered or sold. Almost every family probably has an alcoholic that they have to deal with. My family has 2!

Back before the civil war, it was rich white men that enslaved black people and controlled them on big plantations. In present time, we are all slaves. With the establishment of the banking, money, debt, and interest system, we're all slaves to bankers. They control our government. When I was in downtown Los Angeles one night, I looked up at all of the majestic tall skyscrapers, and in that moment I realized all except one of them had the names of banks on them. They like to make themselves known as the rulers of the people. It's all one big money game that we're all caught in the web of. And if you have a bank account, credit cards, and do online bill pay: your entire life is known by the banks, and whoever wants to pay for a background check on you. There are such powerful supercomputers that collect every bit of information stored online about you. I've seen them. I worked briefly for the government processing applications for food stamps....and I was shocked at the background checks they'd pull up on people. Your bank accounts, your employer, your paystubs, your family names, your addresses, your car and home titles, your criminal records, even off-shore bank accounts. It's all there. Big Brother is watching you. Just letting you know.

~Mandelyn Reese~
The LA Street Angel

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Angels are behind the scenes!!

I hope that this blog will serve to show you some supernatural things are possible, and the unexplainable does happen!

I mentioned two angels (or spiritual entity) sightings in my blogs since starting my Angel Project. You can read about them here: Angel #1 and the Phoenix cloud & Angel #2

Regardless of what YOU believe, these have been my sightings and experiences. So it's okay if you don't believe me if you haven't experienced it for yourself. The following are a few more of my supernatural stories:
(July or early August 2012) Before I officially started my Angel Project and was in my preparation phase, I was putting together my "Life Purpose Board" (you can view it here: Video) and I was hunting all around my apartment for a certain pair of purple scissors that I needed to cut the pictures with. I couldn't seem to find the scissors- I always kept them in a certain place on a little bedside table in a cup, but they weren't there. I went into the bathroom to search there briefly, and when I came back out of the bathroom, the purple scissors mysteriously had appeared back in the cup on my bedside table!! I remember staring at them in disbelief because I KNEW they weren't there a minute earlier before I walked into the bathroom. I thanked the angel or ghost who put them back there for me!
(August 17th 2012) During the very first week that I started my Angel Project in Los Angeles, CA, I was at a grocery store one day. I had my small set of wings in the trunk of my car with a poster taped to the back of my wings with the clear Scotch tape brand. I had just gotten an empty grocery cart, and pulled up into the chilled beverage section near the front door. As I was looking over all of the drinks and trying to figure out which flavor that I wanted, I had my back to my empty grocery cart briefly. After I selected a drink, when I turned back around to put it into my cart, I was startled to see a roll of thicker white tape sitting in my cart. I looked around and no one was near me. I hadn't heard anyone drop anything into my cart. The tape just had magically appeared! I decided that I had better buy the tape, because that sort of thing doesn't happen every day!! And guess what! Later that day when I put on my angel wings to go out on the streets with my poster, the message that had been taped to the back of my wings fell off because the Scotch tape wasn't strong enough! It was a miracle. I had bought the stronger tape that magically appeared in my cart so I was able to fix the poster better to my wings! I thanked the Angels for putting the tape in my cart.
This just happened today 4/4/14 I have been doing a gratitude daily ritual program that is awesome. You write down 10 things each day that you're grateful for, and also hold a dollar with a note stuck on it that says, "I am grateful for all of the money I've received in life." The daily gratitude helps strengthen positive vibes and the Law of Attraction and magically works to bring more abundance into your life. You have to give in order to receive. You have to give thanks (gratitude) and be thankful for things you already have in order to receive more. I got in bed and gathered all my items to prepare for my gratitude rituals but I could't find the $20 bill I wrote the note on, so I wasn't going to hold it, just say the thanks. As I was going through all of my 10 things I was grateful for, once I got to the money part, I looked over and the $20 bill with the orange sticky note had magically appeared right next to me. I had searched all over my bed and gathered all my stuff from my bedside table, but couldn't find the $20, then it magically just appeared! I thanked the angels for finding it for me!
And saving my best story for last....
Just recently I had been putting a lot of my own money out into the world to help others in random ways, predominantly tipping waiters way more than normal percentages, because I KNOW how hard servers work and how hard it is to make a living waiting tables these days. These greedy food restaurants make their workers PAY to work by having to "tip-out" the bartenders and bussers. It's ridiculous and getting worse.
One day, I randomly thought to myself just jokingly, that it would be cool to find a $100 bill on the ground to make up for all the money I had been giving out to others. It was just a random thought!! Then the VERY NEXT DAY I went to a big place wearing my wings, and low and behold I looked down on the ground near my feet at one point, and there was a $100 bill laying there! I scooped it up in shock and just had to stare at it for a a few moments. No one else was around the immediate area, so it'd be impossible to know who'd dropped it there. I decided it must have been a gift to me from the universe! It was definitely a cool little miracle I will never forget and always be thankful for!

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Read this from your own free will choice

Note: These are my opinions, which may differ from yours or your belief system. Read on from your own free will and digest it however you wish.
One phrase I've always had a big problem with is: "People can't change". That is nonsense. People CAN change, they just have to choose to. Sometimes people need to be told or have a kick in the seat of the pants (metaphorically) to change. If a person refuses to change, more than likely life will FORCE them to somehow. Change is inevitable, it is a constant force in life.

You can give people all the good advice in the world until you're blue in the face, but ultimately, they have to learn things for themselves. Smart people will LISTEN and consider good advice, and hopefully use it when given the chance. Advice can help prepare you for things. However, advice can come in all forms from various sources, and determining which advice is "good" or "bad" is really up to you. Often times if you are a person who has learned to be in touch with your intuition and spirit, you can choose your actions and decisions wisely. Sometimes you won't realize some advice is "bad" until you suffer the consequences.

I would like to share with you a dream I had once that I will always remember, because it was epic for me:
I was sitting at a table that was half-moon shaped. Around the rounded-edge of the table were several people, both men and women. I couldn't actually see their faces, so I didn't know who they were. They were all holding playing cards. I was across from them and I had no cards. One by one, each of the people handed me some of their cards. The message that I got in the dream was this: People can give you "cards" in life in the form of their opinions, thoughts, and advice, but ultimately it is up to YOU how you play your cards. Free will. Your choice on how you live your life. Do you listen to the advice? Do you make other people's opinions and advice a truth for yourself? When life presents you with a particular situation, and a person's advice flashes through your mind, do you use the person's advice to navigate the situation or do you choose another way? 

I'm going to get really deep on you now. One time I was meditating, and it was one of the deepest meditations I've ever had: I wanted to meditation on the concept of free will versus divine plan. I wanted to ask my higher self how the ideas of "fate" or "destiny" interact with "free will" and our life choices. The answers I got were this: There are infinite possibilities of outcomes from the choices we make in our lives. Our destiny is created in moments of decision. Where free will/choice comes in versus a Divine Plan or fate (that things were "Meant to Be") is this: God (whoever the creator is) lives within us, and is expressing itself in spirit through the creation of you. Each soul journey is as unique as the print on your thumb. No two journeys, no two stories are alike. God has a basic blueprint for your life, and your choices lead you all over the map, but the soul and spirit are eternal, so it may live many lives in many bodies throughout the ages of evolution. The point is just experiencing, learning. The "end goal" (if there is one) is going back to Source, fulfilling your soul's "contract" with God, having become an even more polished and perfect soul from your experiences. What if one reason we suffer here on this Earth realm is to be able to appreciate Heaven and God's Love even more? Regardless of the infinite paths/choices that one can choose to take in one lifetime, the book will eventually close on that lifetime and you're on to something new. Our soul carries a certain frequency and life lessons are encoded into both our spiritual and blood DNA from previous experiences. In animals we refer to this as "instincts". Ever wonder where instinct comes from? Isn't that just another word for or form of intuition?

Once I prayed and asked God, "Why do we have to suffer like we do in life? Why do you allow this to happen to us? The answer I got back in my soul was, "So you can learn to love, as I love." If you read my blog about Astral Travel (PLEASE DO READ IT!!! The story is towards the end of that blog), you will see that God revealed himself to me in such a way that my soul needed it at the time. He sat me on his knee like a father would sit his child on his knee, and told me, "You are loved unconditionally here. You have nothing to fear." God loves us unconditionally. I wish my Earth Father loved me like that. I spent most of my youth in fear of my Earth Father. You don't have to fear God. Religions created the concept to fear God in order control the masses and extort people for money and servitude. 

The key to enlightenment is constant awareness of your thoughts. If you can learn to reprogram your mind to being more positive, instead of always thinking lower frequency thoughts that encompass fear, guilt, shame, and worry, your life will change dramatically. PRACTICE is essential to reprogramming your brain. Just like a person has to practice playing the piano to play extremely well, you have work at thinking more positive thoughts so they outweigh your negative thoughts. When you reach a certain point of enlightenment, you fear death a lot less. You have to die to be reborn. Just like the song lyric "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." 

Everyone reaches enlightenment differently, since no two soul journeys are the same. It may take many lifetimes for a soul to learn its lessons and to advance to the next level. More positive thoughts lead to a faster upward progression. Jesus Christ taught enlightenment, and he was tortured for it by those who wished to stay in power because his new-age way of thinking threatened their ability to control the masses. You too can reach Christ Consciousness. Which is when you realize you are an eternal soul, a part of God and all that has been created, you are a child of God, you are loved unconditionally. That is the spirit of love, of God, and it resides within you. That is what Jesus meant when he said "I live in your heart".

~Mandelyn Reese~
The LA Street Angel

Monday, February 24, 2014


Gratitude, also known as expressing thankfulness, is of a very high positive vibration. I am so thankful that my parents taught me from a very young age to always say "thank you" to others for things they've given to me or done for me. When someone does something nice or helpful for you, expressing your gratitude to them validates them and their action. It sends out positive vibes to the receiving individual, which reinforces that good behavior. Gratitude and the Law of Attraction are strongly linked. What you send out into the world, you get back. I've heard the saying, "Gratitude has a long memory." It's so true, especially if you take a moment to think back to something that someone did for you in the past that really made a difference in your life and made you feel loved and great. The same goes for things YOU do for others, they will remember.

If you take a moment and just look around you, you can give thanks for so many things. If you're reading this, then you have your eyesight and you're able to read. Many people in this world are blind and can't read. Be grateful you can see and read. If you're reading this, you're likely using some sort of gadget like a cell phone or laptop. Many people in this world don't have these things. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you catch my drift. People have a tendency to always be wanting more more more and never feeling satiated, yet if those people would take some time and shift their focus to expressing gratitude for what they already have, it's the key to more happiness and contentment.
There have been times in my life where I would do a grand gesture for someone or give a friend a nice gift, and I'd actually feel a little let-down that the receiver didn't say thank you. It's good to give without expectation of something in return, but like I mentioned before, when someone expresses their gratitude it feels validating to the giver.

If you find yourself stressing over problems, try shifting your focus to counting your blessings and looking deeper into what the problems may be trying to teach you....could they be lessons or blessings in disguise? For example, I have a friend who is a lawyer. He had a cushy six-figure income and was suddenly laid off. Initially he was panic-stricken, but he was able to see that the job had actually gotten pretty awful, and being laid-off was actually a beneficial thing, because he was able to start up his own company and work for himself. He seems much happier now, can make his own schedule, and his new venture is already being successful!

Whenever life throws a wrench into your plans, try to calm yourself and react from a place of more inner peace. I am an advocate of prayer: It really helps the spirit feel better when times get trying. It's important to pray and ask for angels to help you with things. They ARE around and do listen and want to help! You just have to ask, because they don't want to interfere with your free-will choices. Praying aloud is stronger than just thinking your prayers because speaking is a stronger vibration than thinking, but both count and matter! So be careful what you think and wish for in both thought and speech, because you just might get it! Don't wish harm on others, pray for others instead. God says to love your enemies, which can be hard to do, but in the end it's your life, your emotions, and how you react that matter most. Gratitude, happiness, forgiveness, patience, love, gentleness, compassion....they all come from within you.

Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


{The Artists in Music Awards - Hollywood}

Patience has got to be one of the most difficult things to learn in life. Sometimes you just want something sooooo badly, but you can't have it, but maybe you can have it if you're patient enough and keep trying. I read a quote somewhere that said, "The ego is impatient, because it knows its time is limited. The spirit is patient because it knows it is eternal."
If you give up easily then that thing you wanted will stay out of reach or slip through your fingers. Sometimes though, if you are patient and keep trying, magical things can happen. Patience shows you are strong and more resilient. Patience will help get you through more discouragements and obstacles and feel more balanced. Staying positive and calm when things don't go your way or things get tough will make those times smoother to get through, because patience allows you to think on a higher level and act from a place of more solidarity.

Patience is needed more these days. In such a fast-moving society, we're constantly feeling more and more of a push to get things done faster. More people are feeling like there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish all that they want or need to do. The way society has become in general has people so strapped for personal time, it's remarkable. The cost of living keeps skyrocketing, and it's getting tougher to make enough money to make ends meet and keep up with bills, so people are finding themselves working more hours weekly on the job. Some people don't even get the choice: their jobs force them to work more than they'd ever willingly want to work. What you allow will continue.... if you let your job take advantage of you, it will only continue and/or get worse. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

More patience is needed around society, because if one person becomes impatient and becomes angry or irritated, that vibe gets sent out to everyone else around them. Traffic is a great example of this. Everyone around a pissed-off driver is effected if that driver blares their horn in impatience. It's also evident when a person gets irate from waiting in a line too long or whatever the situation may be and that irritated person takes their frustrations out on anyone around them or unsuspecting innocent recipients of their anger.

When you apply patience while you're navigating through a storm, you will find out that the storm passes so much easier, and the clouds will dissipate and the sun will shine through once again. Even the fiercest storms in life come to an end and renewal follows.

I'd like to share a quote from one of my favorite books "Rays of the Dawn" by Dr. Thurman Fleet:
"Patience enables us to estimate people, conditions, and things in their true light and to guard against the emotional upsets and biased judgment that often cloud the vision."

There is the saying "Patience is a virtue." This is so true. Patience must be learned by the soul in life, because life will constantly be throwing you new situations to test you. You may encounter situations almost daily that require patience. When you start having a higher awareness and consciousness of things, being patient actually becomes easier. You realize that things happen for a reason, and most everyone around you is doing the best they can. Not everyone is on the same wavelength or may have the same level of intelligence or emotional stability as you, so be patient and kind with others. You never know what someone else is going through that may have caused the way they behave and think.

Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Cell Phone Epidemic

Lately, I'm finding myself wanting more time away from my cell phone. At the gym recently, I decided to not have my cell phone strapped to my body, and I got in a much better workout, because I could focus instead of being distracted by an almost constant flow of text messages and Facebook alerts.

I'm noticing more annoyance building up in me when I'm trying to spend some quality time with someone, and their cell phone, as well as mine, keeps beeping, dinging, and ringing. We are bombarded by so many alerts from our cell phones now-a-days, that we're losing some special moments. I don't think people realize how much stress this constant bombardment can put on us. Because people know we have cell phones and are on them all the time, they get pissed off if you don't respond to them within a certain amount of time.

It's interesting, because cell phones allow us to be more in touch with more people more often, but the drawback is lack of privacy and distraction from who's in your presence hoping for your time in-person.

I got together with one of my friends recently that I hadn't seen in-person is a long time, and she kept getting on her cell phone so much while I was trying to talk to her, that I actually got sad. I yearned for us to be able to chat and laugh like we used to, without constantly looking down to text or take calls.

I know I do it too, but I have made efforts to be more cognizant of how much I'm on my cell phone when I'm trying to give someone my attention face-to-face. I have gotten a lot better about putting my cell on silent, or only pulling it out when I need to look something up or take a photo. Then I put it back in my purse.

So much now our communication is dominated by some kind of gadgets and technology. A lot of important facets of communication are lost from using only texting or email to talk to someone. You miss out on the tone of voice and body language, that only in-person talks can give you. Tone of voice and body language are pretty vital to better understand what a person is saying to you.

It's crazy to see how much cell phones have taken over. They're quite useful, but when people are totally focused on their cell phones, they're missing out on everything else around them. When I was downtown recently for a few events dressed in my angel attire, I was shocked at how many people were walking around staring at their cell phones, and everyone taking photos and video on their phones. It's like, an epidemic. It's cool to record and document our lives, but....nothing is really private. Anyone can hack your stuff.

I've had my cell phone hacked already....pretty much as soon as I got semi-famous doing the Angel Project, someone hacked my phone. So I know that someone out there has accessed all my personal stuff and photos... Same thing happened to Paris Hilton. So if anyone ever stumbles across a scandalous photo of me.....yeah... my cell got hacked!! I rarely take "scandalous" photos, but I did have a few! BEWARE of what you store on your cell phone people! Realize that your privacy in this new age of technology is an illusion.

Next time you're enjoying time with friends, make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of time you're staring at your cell phone. Take some group pics and put it away!

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Synchronicity with cats

The universe has a way of being so incredibly mysterious, and does answer your prayers and wishes in its own way. The only thing is, sometimes it may take a lot of time to come about.

Case in point: Back in 2003, I went to PetsMart to look at all the animals. I would just randomly go there sometimes to be around the animals because I liked doing that. I really wanted a cat, but wasn't allowed to have one because I was living with my Dad and Step-mom at the time, and they'd made me get rid of my cat because my Step-mom was pregnant. I had to take my orange kitty, Oliver, to an adoption shelter to have him re-homed. It was sad, because I'd raised him since he was a kitten. While I was at PetsMart that day, I was looking at the cats, and noticed a pair of cats sharing 1 cage. One cat had a white head and grey body, and the other cat was a huge fluffy furball, striped brown with green eyes. The fluffy cat looked like the most loving, sweet cat I'd ever seen. She was purring loudly, rubbing her face all over the cage, and then she flipped over on her back and was pawing in the air while still purring loudly at me. I looked longingly at the fluffy cat, and wished so much that I could buy her. While I was standing there, another family saw her, and right in front of me they decided to adopt both of the cats because they came as a pair apparently.

Fast forward to December 2013, I was moving into my new place with roommates, and was surprised to find out there were 4 cats and 2 dogs in the residence that I wasn't told about. However, upon closer inspection of the cats, I realized that two of the cats were the ones I saw from that trip to Petsmart back in 2003! I was in total shock. That is a major synchronicity. The fluffy cat's name is Baby, and the white/grey cat is Molly. The universe conspired and gave me my wish to be with the fluffy sweet cat, but I didn't get the wish until like 10 years later!!! What are the odds?!

Video of purring kitty!
~Mandelyn Reese