Friday, April 26, 2013

Exposure to the Supernatural

I told a few of my friends that I'd write a blog about the supernatural stuff that's happened to me.
I mentioned the first angel sighting in my blog entitled "Emergence of the Phoenix". I had a second awesome angel sighting last October in San Francisco. I'd like to mention a cool quote about the supernatural that I heard somewhere: "The term supernatural simply describes things that occur above our natural understanding of things".

I went on a road trip with this guy to San Francisco to work as a promotional model at a ski convention where I'd be allowed to wear my angel wings. I couldn't wear my special sneakers due to being told to wear a short black dress for the event, so I wore black flip flops. Well I'd been dealing with a foot injury since January, and my foot didn't like the flip flops and gave out on me. I was mortified that I couldn't work so I headed to go sit in the car for the remainder of the event. As I'm walking out of the event, there was a lady on a microphone and I caught the tail end of her sentence as "...There are angels flying around..."
When I got out to the car, which was far out from the entrance, I sat on the bumper to gather myself, and I spotted a guy who'd been walking nearby. He'd stopped in his tracks and was looking at me. I wasn't sure what to make of him, but something told me not to be afraid. He approached me and asked what my wings were all about. He looked Native American: he had very long black hair, jet-black eyes, and a feather in the back of his head. I explained my Angel Project to him, and he was fascinated. Guess what his name was?!
Zak Flyingaround. The lady on the microphone had just said "angels are flying around" {heck maybe she was talking about me since I was walking around the convention in my wings}. We chatted for a bit and parted ways. The next morning, I ended up just sitting at a Starbucks all day since I couldn't work the second day of the event either. Low and behold, Zak Flyingaround walks into that Starbucks I was at. We were shocked to see each other again. Synchronicity!! He ended up giving me a $15 gift card for Starbucks, which I was so grateful for since I'd be stuck there all day. We've stayed in touch on Facebook, and he's passed through Los Angeles twice since I met him. Each time he's passed through, he's given me magical gifts: one was a huge Rose Quartz crystal that is a beautiful shade of pink, and I can feel the intense vibrational frequency of the stone. It is said that Rose Quartz vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love.
This is Zak: you can see the dark feather in the back of his head!
(photo posted with his permission)
After chatting with Zak, I decided to walk down to the edge of the pier near the event center to take in the view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I was at the edge of the pier enjoying the sun on my face and snapping pictures of all the beauty of the scene, when all of the sudden, I looked at a cloud I had just photographed and part of it had become rainbow colors! I saw a transparent figure fly away from the cloud swifty (I'm calling it an angel!). I was able to snap a photograph of the cloud before the rainbow part completely faded away, and you can see a trail left by the angel. The interesting thing is that the trail could not be seen with my naked eye, only on my camera photograph.

Another supernatural thing going on is apparently I have fairies hanging around me. Tuesday April 23rd when I showed up for one of my Meditation/Intuition classes, the instructor took one look at me and smiled huge. (She graduated from the Berkeley Psychic Institute and has been teaching and giving clairvoyant guidance and classes for 25 years). She asked me if I worked with fairies, and I told her no. She told me she could see a pack of fairies behind me. Then I got a reading by another gifted student that night, and she saw me as "like Tinkerbell" flying around sprinkling pixie dust of happiness and love on other people, and that I had that effect on others. I'd also been told by another gifted woman months ago that she saw fairies helping me out with things behind the scenes. So yeah, reality as I used to know it is zilch. It's like my life is a fairytale lol. The day after my instructor told me that I had a pack of fairies with me and the other girl told me I was like a Tinkerbell, I saw a woman ahead of me in line at a store with a huge Tinkerbell on her purse. Coincidence? lol

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Red Carpet Crasher!

     This is the story of my very first red carpet event in Los Angeles as the LA Street Angel. The story is epic to me because it catapulted my life in so many directions from the connections I made there that night.

     I had only been doing the Angel Project on the streets for a month when a friend of mine whom I'd met at Agape Spiritual Center, and who is also a DJ, invited me to a red carpet event at a hotel. He told me that the crowd at the event could use my Angel messages. I had no idea how amazing of an event it would turn out to be! Agape Spiritual Center is kind of like a church, but different and was founded by Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, who was a featured speaker in the well-known documentary called, "The Secret". I think The Secret is awesome,  and I own a copy on DVD. Once I had gotten to attend Agape for a service, I was hoping that someday I would get to meet Michael Beckwith...

So the night of the event, I put on my most giant pair of angel wings and grabbed one of my huge posters. When I pulled up to the hotel, I was amazed by how snazzy of a joint it was! Tuxedo-sporting staff members everywhere, fancy cars getting valeted left and right, beautiful water fountains and lighting wherever my eyes looked. I was almost intimidated by how ritzy it all was. I was thinking that surely these rich people will take one look at me and think I'm nuts! LOL

I put on my brave face and strolled up in there. I came upon two ladies at a small sign-in table. They looked me up and down, obviously not sure what to make of me, and asked who I was. They checked their guest list, and apparently my name wasn't on it. I was a bit embarrassed as I explained who I was and how I got invited. One of the ladies said she'd go find the DJ and be back. When she came back though, she said she didn't see any DJ around. I didn't know what to do at that point, so I went to sit down in a nearby couch area and texted my DJ friend to tell him my predicament, asking him to come get me. While I was sitting there, a man in a tuxedo came up and asked if he could wear my wings for a bit. I was like, "Uhh, sure go ahead!" So he happily strapped on my wings and began to parade around the restaurant area proudly. Turns out the guy was the manager of the restaurant! He gave me his card and thanked me for letting him sport my wings.

Finally my friend approached, and I followed him right into the event, passing the sign-in table. The two ladies that had been at the table were mysteriously gone. Fate must have arranged that somehow. The event was being held at an outdoor patio area. As soon as I walked into the event, a lady appeared in front of me wearing all black, and kind of got up in my face asking who I was and what I was doing there. I was stammering trying to figure out what to say, when she told me it was her event and she wasn't sure she liked me having my poster. Just then, a group of people grabbed her, wanting to take a photo with her, so she turned and left me standing there. My DJ friend had disappeared in the crowd, so I just stood there for a little while, basically waiting for the woman to come back and yell at me some more. She ended up staying busy doing photos, so I walked to the corner of the event near the food table and just stood there shyly, not knowing what to do and not feeling very welcomed.

I was facing the corner, with my back to the party crowd, trying to compose myself, when suddenly, I heard a guy's voice say "Hey!" I turned around, and was stunned to see a very handsome guy standing there, with the brightest smile I've ever seen. I was taken aback, like in the movie Forrest Gump, when Forrest sees Jenny on the school bus for the first time. He introduced himself {Paris Dylan}, and wanted to know what I was doing in the angel outfit. He told me he used to be an inspirational speaker, but now he was an actor and had a comedy show with a famous comedian cohort {Andy Dick}. He led me over to introduce me to a bunch of people, including Andy Dick, which was great because I sure felt weird standing alone in the corner in my angel regalia while everyone stared at me, wondering what I was doing there and who invited me. After Paris got me successfully infiltrated into the party, I was more at ease. (I ended up dating him on and off for several months :) We stay in touch and still care about each other). He ended up getting is own TV Radio show on called "Paris in LA" and he had me as a guest on his show!

 The 1-hour episode where I'm interviewed by Paris on his show with co-host Jen Rade, a Hollywood Stylist:

While I was hanging around the party, low and behold, there in the crowd was Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith himself. It was like fate again! My DJ friend re-appeared, and he introduced me to Michael Beckwith directly. It was so cool to get to meet him in person, tell him about my Angel Project, and get his support! He even took several photos with me!

      As far as events and red carpets go, I STRUCK GOLD on my very first time!! I got to meet Michael Beckwith, I met a sweet guy that I ended up dating for awhile that night, and I also got to meet one of the founders of the Knowphest event that night. The Knowphest was an event I'd actually heard about before that night and wanted to attend. Long story short, I ended up getting to attend the Knowphest for helping to promote the event, and it was such an amazing experience in and of itself because THAT event led me to many more amazing people that have strongly influenced my life and helped further my spiritual growth and the Angel Project.

Overall, fate intricately weaved a lot of happenings and meetings that night that were epically pivotal in my life.

Life Lessons: Pay attention to the doors that open for you, and have the courage to walk through them.
Also, you don't always have to follow the rules! You may not always fit in with the crowd, but that's ok. God made you a unique masterpiece; just be yourself and shine in whatever circumstances you find yourself thrown into, because you never know what will happen!

~Mandelyn Reese~
The LA Street Angel

Friday, April 12, 2013

Desperado Street Angel

     One day, early in my Street Angel appearances, I decided to put on my giant wings, snatch one of my posters, and make a trek down a nearby busy street during rush hour to give the commuters something to gawk at. My poster that day was: "Be Kind. Be Courteous. Be Positive."

     I put my keys, cell phone, and mace in a bag and walked out the door. I crossed the street, and came upon an old man who was chillin' on a brick ledge. He asked me what I was doing, and as I spoke to him, a young  man appeared out of no-where and offered me two bottles of cold water. I gratefully accepted his gift and put them in my bag. I thought it was interesting he gave me two bottles instead of just one.

     After wrapping up the conversation with the old man, I headed down the street towards my intended street: Bundy Avenue. As I walked along, an old woman appeared in front of me: she had on a long, colorful, traditional Mexican dress. Her face looked very weathered and serious. She asked me if I had any money to give her. I felt bad, there I was with wings on and had no money to give her. I opened my bag and showed her that I didn't have anything, but I excitedly offered her one of my bottles of water (because that was all I had to give!), which she accepted. I felt like maybe that was why the guy and universe had gifted me 2 bottles of water, one for me and one to share with another!

     I continued on down Bundy. The more I walked, the more the sun seemed to be baking me. I was very new to California at the time, and I highly underestimated the sun's impact that day. I drank the bottle of water the guy had given me pretty quickly. I had a certain location in mind for how far I planned to go, but didn't realize how far it actually was in terms of walking distance, with the hot sun bearing down on me.
As I walked along, proudly showing off my poster to the commuters stuck in traffic, another man came rushing out of the front door of his home, excitedly waving his arms and saying, "An Angel!!" He came over to me and introduced himself, he told me that his son and his friends probably thought he was crazy by exclaiming he'd just seen an angel pass by his window, so he wanted to rush outside to meet me and introduce me to them. He ended up giving me a nice big glass of water, with a slice of lemon, which I was happy to chug down since I was sweating like a pig by that time. I thanked him, and kept walking down Bundy. That man is still my friend to this day, and he randomly sends me kind words of support and encouragement. :)

     I didn't go much further, I realized the heat was really getting to me, so I turned around and started to head back home. My heart sank when I realized I was pretty far from home, and felt like I was going to have a heat stroke or something. I was very close to the gym that I work out at, so I decided that I would go to the gym and see if someone leaving could provide me with a ride home. I prayed to God and the Angels, asking them for their protection and for a safe ride home, because I was too exhausted and weak to continue. As I rounded the corner approaching my gym, a man ran across the street and asked me if he could take a photo of me. I agreed, and told him I felt like I was about to faint though. He could see that I was a hot mess, and he ran inside and fetched me a cold bottle of water. I told him I was headed to the gym to find a ride home, and he offered to take me. Now, normally I don't ask or accept rides from strangers, but in this case my intuition told me that he was the immediate answer to my prayer I had just whispered, and that I would be safe. He gave me the ride home safely, and I was eternally grateful. I thanked him profusely and told him that he did a good deed, and I hoped that the universe would repay him somehow.

     One of my best friends lectured me up and down later for having a stranger take me home, and I knew the risk, but I had to listen to my intuition on this one, and was glad it worked out for the best. I learned a valuable lesson that day: to not risk my health and life in that way again. But it was a great memory and I met some great people.
The thing I would like to mention to readers about this story is: to me, I felt like I was divinely protected this day. The call to action on this Angel Project has been strong within my soul, to where it's not something I can just "turn off". It's something I feel like I HAVE to do. It's like I would risk my neck for this project, because something higher than me wants me to continue and is watching over me.

~Mandelyn Reese~
The LA Street Angel

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Emergence of the Phoenix

Before I go into my story, let me share with you some information about The Phoenix.

Wikipedia- In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The phoenix was subsequently adopted as a symbol in Early Christianity. The phoenix is referenced in modern popular culture and is said that it's actually a cleverly disguised PHOENIX instead of an eagle that are on our national money and emblems all over the country. Either way, the phoenix is a model for death, rebirth, and ascension. Phoenix

  [fee-niks] noun *a mythical bird of great beauty who would burn itself on a funeral pyre, and rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years: often an emblem of immortality or of reborn idealism or hope. 
*a person or thing of beauty or excellence; a paragon. *a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or 
apparent annihilation.

****The significance of the Phoenix to me personally, is that it has represented how the old me has died over and over again. I've shed layers and layers of history, karma, and experienced epic personal and spiritual changes. I've actually been like Jean Gray "The Phoenix" in the movie X MEN with how I realized I'd been mind controlled by my family, religion, and the media my entire life to be a certain way, and having the awareness of it all has had a domino effect of massive changes to how I view and live life.

My story about my connection to this mystical phoenix bird began on September 9, 2012. I had been on a fast-track of spiritual enlightenment since the end of 2011, and things just kept getting more interesting! On that particular day, I had watched a bunch of YouTube videos and done a lot of research about the Illuminati and other deep, hidden truths. After awhile, I felt completely overwhelmed, almost like it was too much for me to bear, so I had to take a break. In order to calm down, I did some meditation, prayed, and decided to go sit on my patio for awhile to take in some fresh air. I went out on the patio and sat in a comfy mesh camping chair. I prayed asking for a sign of hope, and I suggested out loud that maybe the universe could send me a white bird as a sign to me. I began to zone out, thinking deeply about all the craziness I'd been going through. Then suddenly, a weird-looking white insect with neon-green eyes and little moving antenna landed on my chair's armrest, right where I was staring at the moment. It snapped me out of it, and I looked up at the sky. Low and behold, there in the sky was a white bird cloud! I was stunned, and stared at it in awe for a few moments trying to grasp what I was actually seeing. I remember saying aloud to myself, "That looks like a Phoenix!" The cloud had 2 wings, a beak, a distinguishable eye, a curved flowing tail, and a tuft of feathers on the back of its head! Then suddenly, I saw movement near the head of the bird cloud. I saw a transparent entity (which I believe to be an Angel) move very swiftly away from the cloud and soared off out of site. I think I may have yelled out "HOLY SH**!" I knew what I'd seen, but was like in disbelief that I saw it. It's easy to doubt yourself when you see something supernatural that you've never seen before. But in my gut I KNEW what I saw. I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a photo of the cloud with Instagram. 

As I studied the image of the cloud, I realized that the reason it stood out to me and I recognized it as a Phoenix is because it resembled a Phoenix image in a Facebook game called "Sorority Life" that I'd been playing for years. Ironically, just recently before I spotted this white bird cloud, they'd began offering The Phoenix as part of a package deal if you bought game points to play with. (I no longer play that game, don't have time!)
I Googled WHITE PHOENIX, and these are some of the images that appeared:

After this cloud and Google revelation I experienced, I decided that it would be really cool to be the White Phoenix for Halloween. But I had no idea how I would accomplish an outfit like that.

Fast forward to a week before Halloween: I had figured I would just be in my Angel outfit for Halloween. I'd been invited by popstar K'Sandra to a big red carpet Halloween Masquerade ball, and all signs pointed that it was important that I go to that party. I didn't have a mask, so I was just going to go like myself in my angel outfit. I went ahead a purchased a ticket for the Masquerade Halloween bash. The NEXT DAY, I went to a tiny thrift store near my apartment where I always shop because I love the store owner, Susana, and her mission with the store: to help support local shelters and feed the homeless. When I entered her store, I couldn't believe my eyes: there, sitting prominently on her glass counter, was a bright golden mask. I stared at it, and realized I had to buy it for the masquerade ball. She sold it to me for $5!!

And if that isn't trippy enough for you, get this: After I'd paid her, the bag she grabbed to place my purchase in had a WHITE PHOENIX on it!!! I ended up painting the Phoenix that was on one side of the bag with gold nail polish, cut it out with scissors, and taped it to my chest for the Halloween event. The bag is still intact and I have it taped on my wall in my bedroom.

So my wish came true afterall, I got to be the White Phoenix for Halloween, and I got a mask just in time for the big red carpet event!

Photo I took of my friend K'Sandra performing that night at the Halloween Ball:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Epic Healing

I have been taking intuition, meditation, spiritual, & healing classes the last few months, and they have been absolutely amazing. I have been able to tap into sources and feelings of energy that I didn't know I could have flowing through me, or the ability to wield.

The first evidence of my power of touch came when I was in school for esthetics in 2011. I was giving a facial with a European massage to my then mother-in-law, and she was moved to tears during the massage part. At the end of the session, she hugged me and said, "I think you've found you're gift". She later sent me a check for $200 with a beautiful card saying how much it meant to her. That felt great! I felt like I'd found one of my blisses: the massage part of the facial was my favorite. It was during that time that I felt like I was able to bestow my care and nurturing touch onto a client to let them know I really cared.

Fast forward to Tuesday April 2, 2013. After completing my month-long Healing I courses and having our official graduation night, I asked one of my fellow classmates, Jennifer, if she'd like me to give her a healing, since she'd been complaining of terrible cramps, was holding a heating pad on her stomach area, and I felt bad seeing her in so much pain. She gratefully accepted my offer. 

Now, these healing classes are non-touch base, but I'd been placing my hands on people's shoulders here and there during the healings (with permission of the receiver, of course). Every time I did that, the receiver exclaimed that when I touched them, they immediately felt their pain and tension melt down.  
One lady said that when I touched the back of her neck, she felt that I cut all the cords that had been attached to her. If you don't know what a cord is, it's considered someone else's energy that is attached to you, and it may be a "good" or "bad" thing to each individual, depending on the cord.

Getting back to the fellow classmate's healing, we prepared ourselves for the healing, and I asked her where she was having the most cramps, and if I had her permission to touch her if she was comfortable with it. She pointed to her uterus area below her stomach and agreed to let me place my hands on the area. As soon as I placed my hands over her uterus, WOOSH! - I got the vision that she'd actually had a traumatic death during labor in a past life, as a country woman during a time when medical help and medicine were scarce. I could see her, in her country clothes, screaming and crying in agony and fear. It was like I was there, and my hands were on her big belly covered by her thick cloth dress. Both she and her baby didn't make it. Even crazier, was that I FELT all the emotions related to the incident, like I was there when it happened. As I was describing this to her, she was crying. She said it made sense to her why she felt so incredibly sad every time her uterus felt that way. I did my best to heal her spiritual body of the pain that had imparted on her from that experience, to smooth away any guilt she had that it was her fault she couldn't deliver, and also worked to heal the baby's soul that had been trapped inside her. I spiritually "cut the cord" of the baby that had been lost so that their souls could be more at peace. I had to step back at one point and re-center myself because of the intensity of the vision. By the end of the healing, we were both emotional and hugging. She was so thankful. I have never seen or experienced anything like that in my entire life.

A week later (4/8/13), I saw her at another class, and she looked so happy! There was a sense of peace and relief in her eyes and face. We sat in the corner for awhile and discussed the healing. She said she felt better after the healing and didn't need her heating pad on her stomach that night. She said the healing was epic for her and that she felt a definite shift afterwards. She said she'd seen many healers before, but hadn't felt like she did after I worked on her. She told me that I had no idea how monumental it was to her. She said that this affliction had haunted her for her entire life (she's in her 40s) and everyone who knew her knew about how she'd be screaming in agony when she'd get her monthly periods. I felt so happy that I was able to help her. Not only did I feel validated for what I saw and for my healing efforts I did on her, but the best thing was that I was able to help her feel better, and that was the main thing that I wanted to do!

All I can say about that whole experience is: WOW.
  Jennifer & I (*photo posted with her permission*)

~Mandelyn Reese~
The LA Street Angel
  • May 23, 2013
  • Jennifer Thomas

    Mandelyn, I HAVE to share with you that I started my period again two and half days ago, and it is HANDS DOWN the BEST, LEAST PAINFUL period I have ever had--EVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I am in tears of amazement as I write this. I've still had some pain, but I've taken only about 10 Advil over the course of it, as opposed to the usual 3-4 Advil every 3 hours, which comes out to about 40 for the month! Plus, I didn't even wear my heating pad on my lap today while working. I am so, so grateful to the healing portal that you opened up for me for this!! You can't even imagine how freed I feel right now from a lifetime of pain that has haunted me.
    Thank you and bless you.
    I love you and miss you!!
    P.S. You can add my comments above to your blog if you want. People need to know the amazing healing that is possible!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Homeless Man

     One day, I was driving around, looking for an acceptable intersection to post up at in my Angel regalia.

 I was cruising in the Venice area when I spotted a young-looking guy, holding a small cardboard sign that said "Smile Dammit". Then he flipped the sign over to reveal another sign that said "Have a good day!"
 I was intrigued by what he was doing, so I decided to find somewhere to park and go talk to him. As I was walking towards him, he turned and started to walk towards a barren storefront, where I saw him join 3 other guys who were sitting on the ground in the shade. It was then that I realized that they were homeless.
     I did have a small amount of fear in me at the thought of approaching 4 homeless men by myself, but it was broad daylight in a very busy area with people everywhere, and something told me I'd be safe, so I went ahead and approached them.
     I asked the young guy what he was doing with his sign, and he said getting tips. They all wanted to know what I was doing, and I told them about my Angel Project. I explained how I just would go to random places in my angel outfit and hold my posters for the public to see to promote messages of kindness. They started giving me all sorts of valuable street advice, such as which intersections were the best, which intersections to be careful at because there would be competition from crazy homeless people who'd beat me up if I took their corner, and areas I could make the most money.
     I told them that people rarely gave me any money, but also that I didn't ask people for money, because I felt that it would take away from my Angel messages and what I was doing. I told them that I'd only made like $10 (at that time) in random donations that people would hand to me. They all looked at each other in total bewilderment. One of the homeless men, named Carl, who is an older gentleman and had a full-leg cast, wobbled up to his feet, and came over to hand me a $5 bill. It was really a special and surreal moment for me: A homeless man giving ME a donation. I thanked him for his gift, and then he surprised me further by also giving me a $5 gift card to Carl's Jr. Hamburger Restaurant. How ironic that Carl gave me a Carl's Jr. gift card! I stay in touch with Carl to this day and check in on him now and then. Although he seems to have random bouts of sadness over his wife's passing, he is always telling me how thankful he is for the people in his life: his homeless friends and some of the people who give him donations. He sounds very happy most of the time despite his circumstances.
     I'll conclude this story with this quote: "Prosperity is living happily and comfortably in the real world, whether you have money or not."
~ Mandelyn Reese ~ The LA Street Angel ~ 3/31/13 ~ The Angel Project