Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Plight of the Common Man

Having been in a stressful position with {in my opinion} a heartless, greedy, uncaring, stingy landlord, it has occurred to me, on some profound level, that something is missing here. The rich elite have lost a large part of their humanity somehow, their ability to sympathize, empathize, have genuine care and compassion for those other souls under their care in some way. Maybe the rich elite own some sort of large business corporation or many rental properties. The goal is always money, more money, power, and control. Acquire more, more, more. At the cost of the common man.

With every new tax, every new rent increase, every new business scheme to tack on some mystery fee or milk just a few extra dollars....makes the common man's life that much harder. With salary increases never keeping up, the common man finds himself having to work more hours, at possibly more than one job. With the new age cut-throat business scene, we see companies laying off their aging workers before they can collect retirement or pensions. What are they to do now? Where are they to turn?

The homeless on the streets seem to be increasing exponentially. You can barely turn a corner without seeing someone panhandling or sleeping on the sidewalk. The common man wonders..."Could this be my future?" as he contemplates living paycheck to paycheck, with ever-mounting debt looming over his head. And yet, the common man usually tries to find some money in his pocket to donate to the poor. At what point does the stress become too much, and the body buckles under the pressure.

Why should the rich man care? He has all he needs and then some. He probably has more money and supply than he could use or spend in his entire lifetime, so he is able to pass it to his heirs. He's so busy figuring out how to amass more wealth, and keep, save, or grow that which he already has an abundance of...without caring for the plight of the common man. The common man who's cleaning the rich man's buildings, taking out the trash, cutting the bushes, fixing roofs, stocking the grocery store, running the cash register, serving his food.

There needs to be more compassion, more caring, more sympathy for the common man. The hard-working middle class. The barely-making-it lower class. The homeless.

With all the technology, all of the medicine, all of the humans we have running's sad that the collective humanity consciousness is in this state. Profits over people. Money over people. Power over others. Oppression creeping in more and more each year. Something is missing.

Remember the plight, and the importance of the common man. His "American Dream" fades with each new tax, every new rent increase, and each new scheme of the rich running Corporate America.

God {please} Bless America. Open their eyes.

~Mandelyn Reese