Sunday, December 7, 2014


I recently read a book "Proof of Heaven" by Dr. Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon who had a firsthand experience of the "afterlife" or spiritual realm and knew it was his mission to tell others about it due to his extensive credentials that would give his story credibility.

One of the major things he reiterated throughout his book was that he was told, "You are loved unconditionally. You have nothing to fear. There is nothing you can do that is wrong."(see page 71 of the book). That each of us is deeply cared for by our source Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend. That we are free, but we are free beings hemmed all around by an environment conspiring to make us feel that we are not free.

Lately I keep telling and reminding myself that no matter how overwhelming circumstances may appear to be, and how confusing possible choices and outcomes may appear, and how scary some possibilities may seem, that I need to focus on living one day at a time. Living as fully as I can in the present moment. That life is a school, and each day is a class.

For the many people out there who follow Christianity-based belief systems, even the Bible has quotes like, "Worry not for tomorrow for today has enough problems of its own." and "Boast not of tomorrow for thou knowest not what the day may bring forth."

The fact that this book written by a doctor that I've never met happens to spell out the same things that God himself told me during my own personal Astral Travel experience, reading it left me in shock and made me tear up. It made it all the more real for me and my experience. It gave more validity to the mystical spiritual experience I had.

Following my calling to do the Angel Project, has forced me to live and walk in more faith and mystery than I've ever known. Having the courage to walk through the doors that a day opens for me, or opportunities that are handed to me, has been very liberating and has added so much to my life. These are a few reasons why I make posters like "Make your courage greater than your fears" and trying to convey to people to live with more open minds, courage, and positivity. Gratitude for things you already have and hope that your dreams and things you want will come true lead to miracles of those things eventually coming true. Just keep working towards your dreams. Follow your heart. You hear these quotes all the time but do you actually listen and do them? When the time comes before you, do you have the courage to ACT?

Pay attention to signs, listen to and choose advice carefully, write down and pray for the things you want. Angels do exist and want to help, believe. Don't be afraid to pray and ask for help.

~Mandelyn Reese
The #LAStreetAngel
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