Thursday, March 27, 2014

Read this from your own free will choice

Note: These are my opinions, which may differ from yours or your belief system. Read on from your own free will and digest it however you wish.
One phrase I've always had a big problem with is: "People can't change". That is nonsense. People CAN change, they just have to choose to. Sometimes people need to be told or have a kick in the seat of the pants (metaphorically) to change. If a person refuses to change, more than likely life will FORCE them to somehow. Change is inevitable, it is a constant force in life.

You can give people all the good advice in the world until you're blue in the face, but ultimately, they have to learn things for themselves. Smart people will LISTEN and consider good advice, and hopefully use it when given the chance. Advice can help prepare you for things. However, advice can come in all forms from various sources, and determining which advice is "good" or "bad" is really up to you. Often times if you are a person who has learned to be in touch with your intuition and spirit, you can choose your actions and decisions wisely. Sometimes you won't realize some advice is "bad" until you suffer the consequences.

I would like to share with you a dream I had once that I will always remember, because it was epic for me:
I was sitting at a table that was half-moon shaped. Around the rounded-edge of the table were several people, both men and women. I couldn't actually see their faces, so I didn't know who they were. They were all holding playing cards. I was across from them and I had no cards. One by one, each of the people handed me some of their cards. The message that I got in the dream was this: People can give you "cards" in life in the form of their opinions, thoughts, and advice, but ultimately it is up to YOU how you play your cards. Free will. Your choice on how you live your life. Do you listen to the advice? Do you make other people's opinions and advice a truth for yourself? When life presents you with a particular situation, and a person's advice flashes through your mind, do you use the person's advice to navigate the situation or do you choose another way? 

I'm going to get really deep on you now. One time I was meditating, and it was one of the deepest meditations I've ever had: I wanted to meditation on the concept of free will versus divine plan. I wanted to ask my higher self how the ideas of "fate" or "destiny" interact with "free will" and our life choices. The answers I got were this: There are infinite possibilities of outcomes from the choices we make in our lives. Our destiny is created in moments of decision. Where free will/choice comes in versus a Divine Plan or fate (that things were "Meant to Be") is this: God (whoever the creator is) lives within us, and is expressing itself in spirit through the creation of you. Each soul journey is as unique as the print on your thumb. No two journeys, no two stories are alike. God has a basic blueprint for your life, and your choices lead you all over the map, but the soul and spirit are eternal, so it may live many lives in many bodies throughout the ages of evolution. The point is just experiencing, learning. The "end goal" (if there is one) is going back to Source, fulfilling your soul's "contract" with God, having become an even more polished and perfect soul from your experiences. What if one reason we suffer here on this Earth realm is to be able to appreciate Heaven and God's Love even more? Regardless of the infinite paths/choices that one can choose to take in one lifetime, the book will eventually close on that lifetime and you're on to something new. Our soul carries a certain frequency and life lessons are encoded into both our spiritual and blood DNA from previous experiences. In animals we refer to this as "instincts". Ever wonder where instinct comes from? Isn't that just another word for or form of intuition?

Once I prayed and asked God, "Why do we have to suffer like we do in life? Why do you allow this to happen to us? The answer I got back in my soul was, "So you can learn to love, as I love." If you read my blog about Astral Travel (PLEASE DO READ IT!!! The story is towards the end of that blog), you will see that God revealed himself to me in such a way that my soul needed it at the time. He sat me on his knee like a father would sit his child on his knee, and told me, "You are loved unconditionally here. You have nothing to fear." God loves us unconditionally. I wish my Earth Father loved me like that. I spent most of my youth in fear of my Earth Father. You don't have to fear God. Religions created the concept to fear God in order control the masses and extort people for money and servitude. 

The key to enlightenment is constant awareness of your thoughts. If you can learn to reprogram your mind to being more positive, instead of always thinking lower frequency thoughts that encompass fear, guilt, shame, and worry, your life will change dramatically. PRACTICE is essential to reprogramming your brain. Just like a person has to practice playing the piano to play extremely well, you have work at thinking more positive thoughts so they outweigh your negative thoughts. When you reach a certain point of enlightenment, you fear death a lot less. You have to die to be reborn. Just like the song lyric "every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." 

Everyone reaches enlightenment differently, since no two soul journeys are the same. It may take many lifetimes for a soul to learn its lessons and to advance to the next level. More positive thoughts lead to a faster upward progression. Jesus Christ taught enlightenment, and he was tortured for it by those who wished to stay in power because his new-age way of thinking threatened their ability to control the masses. You too can reach Christ Consciousness. Which is when you realize you are an eternal soul, a part of God and all that has been created, you are a child of God, you are loved unconditionally. That is the spirit of love, of God, and it resides within you. That is what Jesus meant when he said "I live in your heart".

~Mandelyn Reese~
The LA Street Angel