Thursday, March 26, 2015


One night while I was sleeping as a young child, I had a vivid dream. I dreamed that I was running through some country residences as fast as I could, and I was scared. It was night time, and the moon was out. Someone was chasing after me in the distance, and as I ran I would look back over my shoulder to see if they were there.

Suddenly, something hit me with such a shocking force that it sent me tumbling to the ground. Someone had shot me in the lower right side of my back with an arrow.

I remember laying there on the ground, staring up at the night sky, admiring the stars, and knowing that I was dying. There was a strange calmness and peace within me as I laid there with my life force slowly seeping out of me.

Fast forward to 2014. I had found a mystical spiritual supply store in San Antonio, TX, the only one of its kind in the city. It carries all sorts of metaphysical books, candles, rocks, jewelry, decorations, reading cards etc... As I perused the many shelves of intriguing items, I came across a stand that held many fliers about upcoming events. I was drawn to the introductory class on Reiki energy work. I had heard about Reiki, but didn't know anything about it. I knew I had a deep interest in the healing arts and had felt healing energy flowing out of my own hands a few times, which felt like radiating heat waves.

So I signed up for the Reiki 1 class and went.

There were only 3 of us students, and the master. She taught us the basics and history of Reiki before we went to the floor to practice on each other.

When it was my turn, I laid on a massage table, while the other three ladies surrounded me and placed their hands over my body. As I lay there, I could feel the waves of energy washing through my body.

Ironically, the last few years, the lower right side of my back had developed a dull ache, that seemed to be worsening slowly. As one of the ladies' hands moved over the area, I felt energy go to that spot, and it seemed to absorb some healing energy and feel better.

When the practice was over, the master asked me and each of the other 2 students to describe anything they may have noticed or experienced. I mentioned how I felt some comforting energy go to my right side of my back. The one lady who's hands had been over my right side, looked at me with a strange surprised look, and she said that when her hands had gone over that area, she had gotten a vision of........get this......: an arrow.

I was a bit dumbfounded. I relayed to her the vivid dream I'd had as a child about being killed by an arrow that had hit me in that same spot. She probably turned as white as the sheet I was laying on. She was clearly shocked. She was very new to spiritual research and she'd never experienced anything like that before.

It made me really wonder and think....had my dream actually been a memory of a death in a past life?

~Mandelyn Reese
The LA Street Angel