Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Overcoming Bad Days

When it comes to life, I don't think anyone would argue with the fact that life has its challenges and obstacles. Unless you live out your entire existence in a padded room with little stimuli or interaction with the outside world, things are going to happen to you in your life that shake your foundation, change your path, and maybe even alter your reality. Sometimes in life things happen that can just feel so gut-wrenching or stressful, that you find yourself wondering what to do next, or even how you’ll go on. What has worked for me during difficult times is prayer, finding hope, having courage, and just making it all the way through the day into going to sleep, and usually by the next morning, I feel better or things feel different after the “dust has settled” from the upheaval.

     One of the most powerful things you can do in an intense moment that has brought you to your knees, is to pray or chant positive words. Many great philosophers of the past have said it’s these defining moments in life that are actually catalysts for growth. Everything is in constant growth, change, or evolution. Even if you’re an atheist, praying to whatever you believe in or chanting positive words or affirmations can help you get through the tough times. Shifting your mind to anything higher on the positivity scale can save you from drowning in sorrow, fears, self-sabotaging thoughts and actions, or even lift your mood when you’re sick. The mind can be like a downward spiral if you’re not cognizant to the fact that you can stop it and turn it around. Research shows that positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative thoughts. One of the easiest ways to shift into positive thinking are to give thanks for all of the things you can be grateful for. No matter how bad things get, you can find something to feel grateful for. I try to remember to thank the universe daily that I have my basic senses: I can see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. I have all of my abilities and can perform some tasks above average. I recognize that beauty fades and the body deteriorates over time, so I try to remember to be grateful for each day that I am functioning at my prime. When you set the intent to have an attitude of gratitude, via the Law of Attraction you will experience more positive things entering your life. It’s true that what you put out there comes back to you, sometimes immediately, and sometimes after some time. Relationships can be like our mirrors, showing us areas to work on where we can be more patient, understanding, tolerant, kind, and show unconditional love. 

     Based on how things have gone in my life, I have learned to look at each day as a birth and death. Some days have been so bad, that it’s felt like I could die from the experiences of the day. When your life takes a turn for the worst, take a moment to visualize yourself as a strong, graceful lioness, with the strength to tackle and get through anything. Finding that inner flame that burns strong with courage can give you the will to go on. No matter what you’re going through, you don’t have to go through it alone unless you choose to. If you desire it, you can reach out and find someone who’d be willing to help you cope and work through a traumatic or stressful experience.
     Hope is another important facet to find in any difficult situation. If you find yourself at one of your lowest points in life, maybe a devastating end to a relationship or the sudden loss of a job, look for that glimmer of hope to keep you going. Find or create something to look forward to, something that makes you smile or excited to plan for. There have been times in my life where I was debating whether or not to go on with life, because I was just so heartbroken and drowning in sorrowful emotions. And yet, despite all the heaviness I was feeling, there was this little speck of hope that remained inside of me that gave me just enough strength to not give up that day, and to make it through another day. If you can hold on long enough, eventually you will come out of the clouds and see the sunrise dawning of a new chapter unfolding before you: a blank canvas that you can create new experiences on. I am such a different person now. Things that used to scare me are now viewed more as a challenge to overcome or a lesson to learn. People underestimate the power of their thoughts, which can ultimately shape and decide the quality of their life, moment by moment. Now that I've gained a higher awareness of how my thoughts and feelings directly affect my life experiences, I put more effort into being aware of what I'm thinking and do my best to wrangle my mind more often to be more positive, more grateful, more courageous, fear less, and have more tolerance and patience towards others.

     Once you are cognizant of your thoughts and how your negative self-defeating thoughts can bring you down into an emotional tailspin, you can work towards releasing and counteracting them as best you can, so they don’t continuously build up and create more heavy energy in your body that weighs you down and weakens your immune system. Are your thoughts positively serving you or making you feel bad? Notice how your thoughts and emotions are affecting you physically. Is your chest tight? Shoulders tensed up? Eyes squinted? Focus on relaxing, finding inner peace, and letting your tensed up body release into a state of calm. Release the worry habit, have faith, and let go of your cares to the universe, God, Angels, or whatever higher power you believe in. Picture a young baby: the glow of innocence, curiosity, and awe that’s in their eyes. Be like a child again, imagine yourself cradled in the hands of Mother Earth, being nurtured and stroked with unconditional love. This feeling is your natural state and birthright. Try to think of how it would feel to be enclosed in the soft comforting feathers amidst the wings of an angel. You can experience this feeling anytime you need it by simply remembering it and tapping into it mentally.

With Actress Amy Smart from Transporter, The Butterfly Effect, & Road Trip

     I hope that these tips will provide you with some tools and comfort to navigate your most challenging times that life may bring. Just remember, you have all the strength, light, and potential inside you that you could ever need. You are your own untapped resource. J
                                         Mandelyn Reese
                                      The LA Street Angel